Manage Liquidity

Need Funding?

Flush with Cash?

Is your bank seeing an increase in qualified loan applications and wondering if its funding needs will increase? Is it looking to lower funding costs or to diversify funding options? If so, then ICS® One-Way Buy®, CDARS® One-Way Buy®, CDARS® Floating-Rate FundingSM, IND®, or Yankee Sweep® may be the right choices for you. All these options are available without collateralization or stock purchase requirements. Is your bank flush with cash and looking to build stronger customer relationships without adding to its balance sheet? Is it trying to manage interest-rate risk by extending liabilities and locking in long-term funding at today’s low rates? If so, then ICS® One-Way Sell® and CDARS® One-Way Sell® may be good options for your bank.

Solutions for Highly Liquid Banks

Is your bank a highly liquid bank, yet wanting to attract and retain valuable customer relationships without adding to its balance sheet? ICS One-Way Sell and CDARS One-Way Sell enables member banks to build the customer relationships, but not the deposits. Banks can maintain a consistent presence in the market without adding to their balance sheets. How? By selling their excess ICS or CDARS deposits (just the funding, not the relationships) for fee income. In other words, your bank can manage its liquidity by placing excess deposits with other Promontory Network members and earning fee income in the process. So your institution can be cultivating valuable relationships with depositors now at a time when many of its competitors are turning away customers – even big depositors. It’s the perfect time to grow market share, and with ICS and CDARS, your bank can do so without growing its balance sheet.

If your bank’s liquidity position changes, it can bring funds back on balance sheet, through ICS® ReciprocalSM or CDARS® ReciprocalSM – all without affecting the customer relationship. Reciprocal transactions enable members to receive matching deposits (instead of fee income) for their placements.

Cost-Effective Funding Solutions

Promontory offers several cost-effective, fixed- and floating-rate funding options, each available without collateralization or stock purchase requirements: ICS One-Way Buy, CDARS One-Way Buy, CDARS Floating-Rate Funding, IND, and Yankee Sweep.

Contact Promontory’s Treasury Desk at (866) 776-6426 to learn more.